Chronicles of Calan

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Kyreen, Book I

Seeking a place where she can belong, Kyreen finds anything but peace when she returns to Calan decades after fleeing with her family. This is the story of Kyreen’s flight from the castle with her twin brother and their mother; her subsequent separation from family and everything familiar; and her years spent as an outsider in a xenophobic society; culminating with Kyreen’s return to Calan almost two decades later. What has happened in her absence? Will Kyreen find a place among the Calanians still embroiled in the struggle that stole Kyreen’s family and childhood? What about the man she meets on the road home? How is he connected to her struggles? Is he friend or foe?


Bonded, Book II

Kyreen knew eliminating the mercenary who led the invasion that forever altered her life and the lives of her people had only been half the battle. Now as the Calanians are poised to take back their castle, their land, and their lives, Kyreen finds herself struggling to learn what it means to be Calanian while negotiating the politics of being the princess. Can she resolve her issues with Lang before someone gets hurt? Does she still have a connection with the magical creature guarding the castle? Will she survive long enough to see her people returned to their rightful home?


Marked, Book III

With peace on the horizon for Calan, Kyreen sets out in search of the twin brother torn away from her so many years ago. All alone, struggling with grief, not caring of the dangers ahead, Kyreen faces her challenges one step at a time, but nothing in her past has prepared her for the harsh brutalities of the Salandingar Desert and its inhabitants. Forced to make decisions that will mark her forever, can Kyreen live with the version of herself that emerges from the hot sands? Is survival worth the cost?

(Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains violence, sexual activity, and disturbing imagery)

Banished: Chronicles of Calan, Book IV

Centuries ago elves left the realm of humans to fade into myths and legends. Two decades ago Kyreen’s twin brother was taken to the mystical elf lands. Now Kyreen leaves everything familiar behind her to cross realms in search of her twin, venturing into the unknown, hoping to find answers to her questions. Why has Quillan never returned to Calan? How will the stoic elves receive her arrival? Who are the Banished and what is their story?


Atoned: Chronicles of Calan, Book V

Having failed to find her twin brother, Kyreen returns to the realm of humans. As she retraces her steps to Calan, she struggles to keep her equilibrium, viewing the world and herself through changed eyes, and learns that she is not the only one to have changed. The world continued to move on while she had been in the eleven realm. Her friends, her family, her people have changed, are still changing. When allies become enemies and enemies become allies, who can she trust in this new paradigm? When her duty to family collides with her duty to the Calanian people, will she be able to do what is necessary to see this journey through to the final battle and save the human realm? Will she have the courage to do what she knows she must, even if it means losing everything she has been seeking?

(Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains violence, sexual activity, and disturbing imagery)

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