Hot off the Press!

The picture tells it all, folks! Kyreen is now available in paperback form! It still feels a bit surreal to me that my words have been lain out and bound together in a beautiful cover designed by my awesomely talented daughter, Ryann ( So if you’ve been holding off purchasing Kyreen because you don’t like e-readers, now is your opportunity to purchase it from Amazon. I am a bit numb, proud and embarrassed, self-conscious and giddy, but also terrified as I continue working on book #2. My original plan had been to update this blog and my personal blog (CelticGamerMom) weekly. I mean when the e-book went live on November 1, the summer of 2017 seemed so far in the future, but now not so much. So if I want to make my deadline I need to concentrate on writing the next stage of Kyreen’s story. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates. Oh, and once you’ve read the book—either in e-book or paperback—please leave a review on Amazon. I would be eternally grateful!


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