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If you’ve read any of my older posts, then you know how long I took in writing my first novel, Kyreen. What I haven’t shared very often is my motivation for the story. Growing up I loved to read, and never took much notice about the gender of the main protagonist. That changed when I had my daughter in 1991. I wanted to raise a strong, independent woman and struggled to find examples in literature.   Living in a rural area, pre-internet with only one bookstore, I didn’t have access to very many books, and I noticed most, if not all, of those had male protagonists. Not only was it difficult to find a leading lady, the ones you did find weren’t very independent. Then I read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. That story inspired me to write fantasy and develop a female centered cast that I could then share with my daughter. As the years went by and the Young Adult genre became more popular, I had thought to make my novel a young adult novel.  Time passed again, however, and, when I sat down to finish up my novel, my baby was an adult so no need to stay in the young adult category. I am happy to say that finding strong female protagonists today is also much easier.

Well, that wonderful young woman’s birthday is this weekend, so to celebrate I am making the e-book version of Kyreen free for the weekend, beginning Thursday, April 20th through Monday, April 24th. If nothing else, check it out for the beautiful artwork cover that my daughter created! She is a freelance graphic designer with her own website, ( The book is available on Amazon.

Also, if you do read the novel and are so inclined to leave a review, I would be forever grateful. This is the best way to boost the visibility and drive new readers to my book.

Happy birthday, Ryann!

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