We have a title (and a blurb)!

Blog picture 2017.05.06

That’s right! I have finally decided on a title for book two in the Chronicles of Calan series, and I wrote a blurb. For someone who had no trouble penning 148,000+ words for this latest manuscript, I find it funny how I always get stumped during this point of the process. There is so much going on in the novel that I have a hard time boiling down the story’s essence to just a single word title and a handful more words to entice you, the reader.

For a quick project update: The manuscript has been sent out to my lovely beta readers. While I have seen a couple of changes that need to be done to make the story flow better, it looks like we are on track for a July 1 release date!

Without further delay, the title of the next installment of the Chronicles of Calan is Bonded, Chronicles of Calan, Book II, and here is the blurb…

Kyreen knew eliminating the mercenary who led the invasion that forever altered her life and the lives of her people had only been half the battle. Now, as the Calanians are poised to take back their castle, their land, and their lives, Kyreen finds herself struggling to learn what it means to be Calanian while negotiating the politics of being the princess. Can she resolve her issues with Lang before someone gets hurt? Does she still have a connection with the magical creature guarding the castle? Will she survive long enough to see her people returned to their rightful home?

If that piques your interest and you would like to get ready for the new book’s release in just eight (!) short weeks by reading Kyreen, you can pick up the e-book on Amazon for only 99 cents.

Also, if after you read Kyreen and are so inclined, I would be forever grateful for an honest review. This is the best way to boost the visibility of and to drive new readers to my book.

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