Marked is here!

It feels a bit surreal to be typing these words, but… Book Three is live on Amazon for pre-order with a release date of March 30th.

How did we get here? I mean, really, how? It feels like Kyreen was released just yesterday. But here we are. Lots has happened, both in the world and in my own life, since that first book. If, like me, you are looking for a bit of distraction, please consider pre-ordering Marked and crossing the desert with Kyreen. To quote Brigit from this book, ‘It’s not all rainbows and sugar pies,’ but I have been told it is entertaining.  It is meant to be a part of the series, not a standalone novel. But you have a few weeks to get caught up with the first two books, Kyreen and Bonded, also available on Amazon, both in e-book and paperback.

I guess all that is left to say is go pre-order Marked? Please? And thank you!


(P.S. – What about this cover drawn by the oh-so-talented Ryann Armstrong of Keylligraphy Ink? It is AMAZING!)

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