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Marked bannerThank you, everyone, for the positive reactions to the upcoming release of Marked. It is humbling and exciting when someone comments on the books to me. As I continue to work on the edits, I am also in a little bit of shock. Shocked that this is my third book (it really feels like Kyreen came out just last month!). Shocked that I am so excited. Shocked that I am enjoying myself so much.

Kyreen was such a long process, both in the getting it written, then in getting it published, plus I stressed so much over the entire process so much that it felt like work. I doubted the story, doubted the writing, doubted myself. I still have some doubts, but I’m committed to finishing out the story (there will be two more books to complete Kyreen’s story). At some point during this latest book, I realized I had stopped writing because I had to for external reasons and now I am writing for myself. I want to see this story completed. I want to spend time with these characters. Since I’m concentrating on the edits and publishing details, I have not written anything new since December, but every day I think about the upcoming books. I itch to sit down and scrawl out more scenes. Some days I even give into that urge and scribble out a few paragraphs, particularly those that keeps running around in my head, kind of like a musical ear worm, but enough about me, more about the books!

A big thank you to everyone who has already pre-ordered Marked. Keep an eye on this blog for a sneak peek excerpt before the release.

Also, reviews are very important to get traffic to the books, so if you have read either or both of the books, please please please consider leaving a review on Amazon and Good Reads.


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