Banished blurb

I can’t believe how close this is getting! Banished, Chronicles of Calan, Book IV, is scheduled for release on November 30, 2018. Here’s another partial peek at the cover and the blurb for the book…

Centuries ago elves left the realm of humans to fade into myths and legends. Two decades ago Kyreen’s twin brother was taken to the mystical elf lands. Now Kyreen leaves everything familiar behind her to cross realms in search of her twin, venturing into the unknown, hoping to find answers to her questions. Why has Quillan never returned to Calan? How will the stoic elves receive her arrival? Who are the Banished and what is their story? Follow Kyreen in the penultimate novel in the Chronicles of Calan series as she negotiates the treacherous politics of an immortal society and discovers that sometimes it is those closest to us who are the most dangerous.

Stay tuned! The final cover reveal will be out later this month and I will also put out an excerpt or two leading up to release day. Also, if you’ve read any or all of the previous books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon!

As always, thanks for reading!


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