Publication Announcement

On the eve of my self-imposed deadline to publish Book 4, Banished, I am instead writing this blog post to announce a delay. Since Book 3, Marked, was published in March, life has been a veritable roller coaster ride with a new day job, a cross-country move, and the death of my dearest friend. The first two halted the actual writing this past spring as my brain went into problem-solver, analytical, get-the-job-done mode and all creativity went out the window. But it was the very unexpected diagnosis of my friend’s aggressive stage 4 cancer and her passing less than a month later this fall that really sent my world into a tailspin. Not only was this woman a great friend, but she was also my creative editor, my most enthusiastic supporter, and the second person I asked to read that first manuscript, Kyreen. Finishing Banished then editing have been a big part of my grieving process, as I come to terms with living in a world without Rebecca.

So, the publication date of Banished has been pushed back. My hope is get the e-book released in “Fall 2018” as promised. With the first round of edits almost complete and the first two-thirds of the manuscript sent to my beta readers, I fully believe it to be an attainable goal. If not by winter solstice, then definitely by the end of the year. As an apology for the delay, I offer up an excerpt from the upcoming book:

Kyreen’s eyes flew open. She knew immediately, without looking, that she was no longer alone. She had fallen asleep facing the wall with the doorway panel out to the corridor. Slowly she sat up, swinging her legs over, to stand before turning toward the glass wall, unsurprised to see a woman with dark curls spiraling down her back standing out on the balcony.

Sheathing her dagger, Kyreen shrugged the sword onto her back before walking to the glass window. Sliding the door open she stepped out onto the balcony next to the woman, who gazed out over the forest.

After a few short moments, the form of Kyreen’s mother turned her gaze to the Calanian. “You found your way to the elf lands.”

“Did you send the elves?” Kyreen responded.

“That does not matter,” Lakwen′dil chuckled.

“I did not need your help,” Kyreen stated. “I had already secured my release.”

“Your way takes too long,” the spirit remarked, her voice almost a childish whine. “I am bored.”

Kyreen went back into the room, leaving the glass door ajar. After pouring herself a cup of water, she turned, drinking as she watched her mother’s form drift into the room.

Lakwen′dil had chosen to dress her mother’s figure in a long white billowy dress, instead of the dusty trousers and tunic that Kyreen always remembered from their travels. High necked and sleeveless, the material clung to her mother’s curves, before billowing out around her legs. Kyreen guessed her mother had never worn such a garment. Voluminous ebony curls spilled wildly down Tyra’s back, perfectly spiraled, looking simultaneously staged and spontaneous. Though the effect rendered Tyra stunningly gorgeous, she did not look as much like the mother of Kyreen’s memories which both consoled and troubled Kyreen.

Some of this must have shown in Kyreen’s face as she gazed upon Lakwen′dil. The spirit chuckled again. “I did not wish to startle you, child. I thought this form would pacify you.”

As she finished speaking, the form of Tyra transformed.

As always, dear readers and friends, thank you for your support (and your patience)!


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