Banished is out!

As I sit in the Denver airport, waiting to board a plane for this weekend’s getaway, I can barely believe that I’ve finally reached the end of this book. So much has happened since Marked was published last spring. The ebook of Banished can be found here on Amazon, and I plan on getting the physical book finalized in the next month. When I started this manuscript I worried if I had enough material for a full-length novel so imagine my surprise when I compiled everything to discover it is my longest thus far at just over 160,000 words. Still, after four books, I have to say that the most difficult words I’ve written were the two dozen I penned for this book’s dedication to my dear friend Rebecca. I still mourn her passing daily and my heart aches when I remember she will never finish reading Kyreen’s story. When I hit the publish button last night I immediately wanted to text her the news, before remembering I couldn’t. But I know she would be excited for this novel and she would be celebrating, which is what I plan on doing with this quick weekend trip to California. I’ve downloaded several books and movies to my iPad to jumpstart my media feast, but also I have my notebook in my bag as well, just in case… 🙂


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